GTS-Strahl 34
with Thermal Spray Bulletin 2/2015 – October 2015

In the new issue of GTS-Strahl we again report on news and activities from within the association and, of course, again offer interesting technical articles and reports on GTS members and thermal spraying.



Bulletin Board
• The acceleration trap or the triumph of the tortoise
  Rolf Huber

GTS Head Office Report
• Facts and Figures from the GTS Head Office / Certifications

GTS Articles
• The GTS Interview with Jens Jerzembeck: What goes around comes around!
• Jochen Rybak Cup – 16th GTS Open
• GTS Ring of Honour for Christopher Wasserman
• GTS Annual General Meeting 2015
• Newcomer@GTS meeting 2015 and outlook for 2016

News from our members
• Rising Materials Scientist Wins Young Professionals Award at ITSC 2015
• Industrial-suitable suspension feeding system for thermal spraying with suspensions:
  Without interruption to long-term coating deposition
• The thermal spray world meets in the USA: ITSC 2015 – a success and inspiration!

Regular Features / GTS Services
• The second-to-last page
• GTS circulars
• GTS Patent Service
• Events

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