GTS-Strahl 28
with Thermal Spray Bulletin 2/2012 – Issue October 2012

In the new issue of GTS-Strahl we again report on news and activities from within the association and, of course, again offer interesting technical articles and reports on GTS members and thermal spraying.



GTS Head Office Report
• GTS supports thermal spray seminar conducted by OTTI
• Facts and Figures from the GTS Head Office
• GTS members

GTS Articles
• The GTS Interview with Günther Schürholt:
  We mustn’t give up too soon!
• GTS Ring of Honour awarded to Werner Dien   to the article …
• HVOF Colloquium 2012 – ensure your participation now!
• 20 years of GTS –good reason to look back and celebrate   to the article …
• Changes on the GTS Advisory Board   to the article …
• Newcomer@GTS meeting at the TU Chemnitz   to the article …

News from our members
• 5th GTV Colloquium “Thermal Spraying” and summer party 2012
• A travel report of a different kind: The Journey of a Passport!

Regular Features / GTS Services
• GTS Patent Service
• Events
• GTS circulars 2012/2012

  You will find further topics and interesting technical articles from science and industry in the “Thermal Spray Bulletin” section of the journal. Just go to the journal’s homepage at

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