Thermal Spray Bulletin 2/2009 with GTS-Strahl 22:
Issue October 2009

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GTS adds a splash of colour: the special GTS booth at the fair Schweissen & Schneiden 2009. Read more inside.



Bulletin Board
• Crisis and Quality, Dieter Grasme

GTS Head Office Report
• GTS Annual General Meeting 2009 – gathering of the GTS folk
   to the article …
• Superb trade-show appearance by GTS to the article …
• Impressions from the GTS Annual General Meeting 2009
• Relaxing after a tough tournament: the award ceremony at the GTS Open
• Photos of the GTS booth at the fair Schweissen & Schneiden 2009
• Figures and Facts from the GTS Head Office
• GTS members

GTS Articles
• Dieter Grasme is awarded the GTS Ring of Honour to the article …
• REACH – also a considerable challenge for the thermal spray industry
• Product certification within the scope of GTS (re-)certification
• The ATeSP Story – Meeting point for thermal sprayers
• HVOF Colloquium 2009 – jetzt noch die Teilnahme sichern!

News from our members
• Verschleißtechnik Kämpfer GmbH: Growth sector wire in a wireless age
• More than Thermal Spraying … GfE Fremat GmbH
• Top quality from ABLER GmbH & Co.KG
• IBEDA Gas manifolds – certified for pressures up to 2.5 bar
• CGT simplifi es quality control of powder for thermal spraying

Regular Features / GTS Services
• So how are things with Professor Dieter Böhme from SLV Munich?
• GTS Patent Service
• Events
• Last but not least
• Imprint

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