GTS-Strahl Overview
  The new GTS-Strahl 18 November 2007

In this latest issue you can read:

  • Research news for the practician:
    Cold Gas Spraying: Analysis of Materials’ Behaviour upon Particle Impact and consequent Process Optimisation, Prof. Thomas Klassen
  • Need-to-know:
    – Thermal spraying – market development and opportunities … W. Krömmer
    – EN 15340 – New Standard for the Determination of Thermally Sprayed Coatings
       S. Weigerstorfer
    – The Designer in the Focus: New Standards for Thermal Spraying, W. Dien
    – Demand for GTS Certificate increasing, R. Huber
  • News from our members:
    – Flame Spray Technologies on the Move
    – T-Spray GmbH and TeroLab Surface Group SA: change of company name
    – and more … (german)
  • The latest news from the GTS Head Office

    … and of course lots of tips, dates and other information!

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