The René Wasserman Award


The René Wasserman Award was initiated by Christopher Wasserman, the president of the TeroLab Surface Group SA based in Lausanne (Switzerland), in memory of his father who died in 1993. René Wasserman was the founder of the world-famous Eutectic + Castolin Group and is considered to be one of the pioneers of welding technology and thermal spraying.

The René Wasserman Award is conferred every 3 years at the ITSC in Europe on an innovative enterprise which is active in the field of thermal spraying. The winner must fulfil stringent criteria of both an economic and social nature. The initiator, Christopher Wasserman, set the value of the award at 10,000 Swiss Francs.

The criteria for the René Wasserman Award are:

  • Enterprises in the field of thermal spraying, including:
    – development/sales of equipment
    – development/sales of materials
    – coating services
  • Enterprise which was founded more than 5 years ago
  • Current or future member of GTS
  • Annual turnover of at least 1 million euros
  • Economic performance
    – continuous increase in turnover over the last three years
    – increase in number of employees over the last three years
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Respect towards Third Parties
    – Customer loyalty
    – Loyalty towards employees
    – Loyalty towards suppliers
    – Benefits provided by a family business
    – Social responsibility of company towards public

The René Wasserman Award has so far been conferred on:

1999: RS Rittel GmbH, Gladbeck, Germany
2002: SLV München – NL der GSI mbH, Munich, Germany
2005: OBZ Dresel & Grasme GmbH, Bad Krozingen, Germany
2008: Rybak + Höschele RHV-Technik in Waiblingen, Germany
2008: Eurocoating S.p.A. in Ciré-Pergine, Italy
2011: Medicoat AG in Mägenwil, Switzerland
2014: RHEIN-RUHR Beschichtungs-Service GmbH, Rheinberg, Germany
2017: GTV Verschleißschutz GmbH, Luckenbach, Germany

Download: Broschure René Wasserman Award by TeroLab Surface Group SA (PDF)






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